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AREA Research Committee Webinar – European Union ARtwin Project

In order to validate the benefits of an AR Cloud dedicated to industry and construction 4.0, the European Commission has granted members of the AR-Twin consortium support to develop a system capable of continuously maintaining a Digital Twin or BIM model that is as close as possible to the physical factory or the construction site. Such a system could then be the basis for deploying services such as AR device localization, quality control and real time resource management. To deliver services to diverse AR devices and address complex use cases, the data processing, mapping or rendering will be distributed and utilize 5G technologies.

During this webinar Jerome Royan, B COM, will describe the project and provide current status. Attendees will learn:
• The three use cases on which the ARtwin project research focuses
• Approaches to mapping, modelling and maintaining digital representations of target spaces
• Architecture of the testbed/system
• How 3D AR localization is performed
• Current status and challenges

Host: Christine Perey, PEREY Research \u0026 Consulting
Speaker: Jerome Royan, B COM

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